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When Henry Met Suzy

Just try to write a narrative story. The tittle adopted from "When Harry Met Sally. Enjoy this story !! :D

Once upon a time there was a handsome young guy named Henry. He was an adventorous guy who wanted to travel around the world. In the opposite side, there was a beautiful girl named Suzy. She was a beautiful friendly girl.

One day Henry went to the beautiful country. This country named New Abey. He never knew this country before but he loved it, so he took a walk to see the beautiful scenery of this country. when He was walking arround, suddenly he faced the deadlock. And soon he got lost. Henry was so confused what he would to do, then he met a girl and she had a map, so he asked her for directions.

This girl named Suzy, she was beautiful and henry felt in love at the first sight. Then they ended up going to a cafe and talking for a long time. Then came a waiter, he asked them to leave. They didn’t realize they stayed so long. Henry felt he really liked Suzy moreover after they long talked. From his deapest heart he did want to meet Suzy again next day.

In the other hand, Suzy liked Henry too. But she knew that she had to leave him the next day because her home was not here. When she backed to her hostel and packed all that she had, she ready to leave for the airport. She felt so sad and she decided to leave a letter for Henry about her departure. In her letter she wrote about what she felt to Henry, she was so impressive to Henry and actually she wanted to met Henry again but she knew she couldn’t did it. She was also wrote her hometown (but not in full address) and her email to Henry. The next morning she’d already gone.

Henry felt so confused, he was so sad. Everything he did was always wrong, he even couldn’t sleep. He thought about Suzy a whole time. Then Henry remembered the email address from Suzy. So he chatted with Suzy through Yahoo Messenger. How happy he was. Suzy and Henry were always kept in touch. After a couple of years, Henry decided to go to Suzy’s hometown to marry her.

Suzy was confused, why henry never called or even chatted him anymore. It had been one weeks, she always sent him some emails but never replied. In one Sunday morning, Suzy was sooo Surprised. Henry came to her house with bucket of rose and a box of ring. He proposed her at that day. Suzy dropped her tears. Then she accepted him. Suzy’s parents looked them in happines. Suzy never knew that Henry had met her parents the day before he proposed her. He begged them a permission.

In the next month, They were married. When Suzy walked through the isle, she looked so beautiful. Henry’s love was getting bigger to Suzy, Suzy was too. Henry said his promises in front of a pastor seriously. Then they were lived happily ever after.


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